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Established in 1928, KING Paving & Construction Ltd. is a preferred supplier of aggregate, asphalt, concrete, roller compacted concrete, excavation, and site services in Southern Ontario.

With years of experience and access to specialized equipment, KING Paving & Construction offers quality, experience & value.


KING Paving & Construction Ltd. provides aggregate, asphalt, concrete, roller compacted concrete, excavation and site services to industrial or commercial properties, malls or plazas, municipalities, and government or institutional sectors. Should you require a quote, our value-added services include in-house surveying, 3D drawings, and full traffic control plans.

KING Paving & Construction Resources

KING Paving & Construction Resources

With 90 years of experience, KING Paving & Construction has earned a reputation as an industry leader. As such, KING Paving & Construction Ltd. provides several resources to construction, aggregate, asphalt, concrete and related markets. Sort through the various resources below, to learn more about the key features of our products and services, as well as how and where they are used in the marketplace.

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KING Paving & Construction News

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The job—which spans from Rolston Avenue to Millbank Place and runs parallel to an elementary school—began construction in mid-June 2022.

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KING Paving & Construction Ltd. received positive feedback for the proposed relocation from Howard Road in Aldershot to 291 North Service Road at a virtual public meeting on Thursday.

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