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Waterdown Road Reconstruction, Burlington, Ontario

Waterdown Road Reconstruction – Contract No. CW-15-06 The Corporation of the City of Burlington

Project Description (General)
Traffic control, layout, removals, clear and grubbing; roadworks: storm sewer, watermain, excavation, ditching, granulars, concrete curbs & decorative sidewalks, asphalt paving, line markings; electrical: illumination, traffic signals; landscaping: streetscape site furnishings, crosswalk markings.

Unique Aspects of this Project
To meet our commitment to the City for schedules, we mobilized three crews full time, and in turn completed the project three-months early (Contract Completion Date: Dec 2015, Actual Completion Date: Sept 2015).

This reduced supervision and engineering costs for the City, and pleased the local councilors, businesses and community with an early opening. Earth spoil on this project was disposed of at nearby industrial sites. We worked closely with all sub-contractors on the project, ensuring they were always on schedule. These included Traffic Signal/Street Lighting, landscaping, line marking, and clearing subs.

Key Challenges and Solutions
The construction had a few challenges. Traffic was a major challenge on this project, especially when GO trains were arriving and departing. To help in resolving this issue, crews scheduled to work away from these areas of high traffic volumes and proceeded to work during non-rush hour times. Another major challenge was the aggressive schedule on this project for interim dates as well as completion dates.