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Winston Road Reconstruction, Grimsby, Ontario

Winston Road Reconstruction – Contract No. PWC 17-02-320102 The Corporation of the Town of Grimsby

Project Description (General)
Traffic control, layout, removals, clear & grubbing, roadworks: storm sewer, watermain, structural culvert enclosure, excavation, granulars, concrete curbs & decorative sidewalks, asphalt paving, line markings. electrical: illumination, traffic signals. landscaping: decorative raised planters & footing, streetscape site furnishings, decorative crosswalk markings.

Key Challenges and Solutions
The construction had many challenges. The project had to be done in seven Phases, which is very difficult, especially when completing watermain, sewer and roadwork. The numerous Phases do not allow for high productions, so many tasks had to be completed by multiple crews constantly moving, mobilizing, and demobilizing. The timeline for the project was extremely fast, as the Condominium developments adjacent to the site had closing dates in early fall. We had to mobilize extra forces to accelerate the schedule and meet this early completion date.

Unique Aspects Of This Project
Tasks such as Boring and Jacking Watermains and constructing Box Culverts in existing water channels were also difficult. They involve sensitive work, yet it had to be done efficiently so as not to jeopardize the schedule. The project involved a lot of decorative architectural concrete and planters as well. To meet the completion dates, we mobilized two highly skilled concrete crews to successfully perform this work.