3385 Harvester Rd, Burlington, Ontario


Road Ahead Looks Smooth For Paving Company

KING Paving & Construction Ltd. received positive feedback for the proposed relocation from Howard Road in Aldershot to 291 North Service Road at a virtual public meeting on Thursday.

Aldershot Plant Relocation Seen as Good News

KING Paving & Construction Ltd. will relocate its asphalt plant on Howard Road to a new site at 291 North Service Road, slightly west of the Mercedes dealership and within the boundary of the closed Halton Region landfill site.

Winston Road Reconstruction, Grimsby, Ontario

The project involved a lot of decorative architectural concrete and planters as well. To meet the completion dates, we mobilized two highly skilled concrete crews to successfully perform this work.

New Street and Drury Lane Area, Burlington, Ontario

The traffic volumes on this street were extremely heavy, and in addition, it is the busiest bus route in the City of Burlington. This two-year project was completed in the summer of 2017. This made it extremely difficult to move the project forward.